Friday, September 23, 2005

Leave the Car at the State Line

We've been in Boston a little over a month now. I'm pretty sure we're not leaving anytime soon, so I (finally) headed into Canton (only got lost once) to purchase car insurance. We've been putting it off because, well, it's damn expensive. Our yearly cost is roughly $1000 more than what we paid in Washington- and that's the best deal we could find. Oh, and by the way, finding a car insurance agent was no simple task; there's no State Farm here (what we had in WA), no AllState- none of the 'bigger' names you think of when you think car insurance. On top of the increased insurance is the fact that we had to put down 1/3 of our premium. I signed the $649 check (gulp) and handed it over to the nice lady at Liberty Mutal. Then, proceeded to drive to the gas station to pump $2.84/gallon gas in before Rita reaked havok on that expense.

At least we only have the one car; our landlords (they live on the second floor) have three cars - one that a teenager drives (double gulp). As far as I can tell, we should give up cars and trucks all together. Ed's biking has been going well (we do need to get a headlight for the bike, though now that the sun goes down before he gets home). Ed is the bike's fuel, he can bike anywhere you can walk, and he doesn't have to pay any bike insurance (BU is picking up his health insurance bill). Also, and we need to check out the rigid biking laws, Ed can circumvent all those pain-in-the-ass one way streets and rotaries a car must endure.

This is my last post about the cost of gas and transportation, I promise. I thought anyone thinking about moving to Boston might want to know what to expect.


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